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When we talk about web development we speak beyond the basics of HTML and CSS. The days of static HTML websites is no longer the way of life. At Kre8ivTech our goal is to provide full development services for your web application. We can start developing from scratch or help build a new plugin or module for an established system. No matter what you can rely on us to take care of your web development needs.

Web Development Costs start at $1,500+. Please fill out request form so we can better understand your needs.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications are streamlining processes and bringing more capabilities into the hands of many users. Companies now have the ability to provide information and interaction with a click of a button. If your company seeks client interaction then a mobile application might be required for your company to grow. Please submit a mobile app request form and we will walk you through the process and how to see if a mobile app fits your business needs.

Mobile development requires multiple programming language knowledge and expertise. With a growing platform and operating systems ensuring to target the right audience is part of the analysis we do at Kre8ivTech. Mobile development starts at $5,000+ per project and is dependent on the requirements.

Wordpress Care

WordPress is one of the leading frameworks on the web accounting for 40% of websites. However, like all frameworks, there is an ongoing effort to keep it secure and up to date. These efforts create added time and stress on companies that do not have the knowledge and expertise to meet these efforts. For a minimal fee companies can rely on Kre8ivTech to take over those efforts and ensure your company’s digital presence is secure and online.

Please check out more information on the various WordPress and Website Care plans. If you ready to purchase then go sign up now.

Many More Services

Beyond what is mentioned above we offer many services you can order online.  If there is a service that is not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us.


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  • Plugin & Theme Development

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